Sunday, 9 March 2014

The first blog

Greetings from Toronto - and welcome to my ``Canadian Genealogy notes and news`` blog. Many of my genealogy friends and followers have asked me to create a blog where I can not only relay news about Canadian research but also to provide my commentary on how to analyze records.  

Some days the blog will contain only a one liner `Did you know ...` while other days may be an in depth discussion about a topic.

There are two things I hope to accomplish:
a) highlight the myriad of resources that are not (yet) on the internet and
b) discuss how to use and interpret the resource
In this age of desire for instant gratification, far too many people find resources about their ancestors on-line and they `click and claim` loading the details into their own genealogy program.
My hope is that, no matter how you find the details, you will learn to be more analytical. That in turn will help you understand your ancestors as the people they were. Their dreams, their hopes, their aspirations ... Please follow me on this journey of discovering our past ... Cheers!
This is the very plain and under-stated tombstone of Canada`s First Prime Minister
Sir John A. MacDonald
located in Cataraqui Cemetery, Kingston, Ontario.

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