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First Census of Canada and the 1901 Census of The Yukon

When was the first census of Canada, as we now know it, taken? Answer at the end of the blog ....

Did you know ... that the 1901 census of The Yukon has a different format and different questions than the Ontario form.

1901 Yukon census questions
  1. Number of dwelling (JBG comments - includes tents)
  2. Name of each person in the family
  3. Relationship to Head of household
  4. Single, married, widowed, divorced
  5. age at last birthday
  6. place of birth
  7. Date of arrival in Canada (JBG comments - usually gives an exact date)
  8. When naturalized (JBG comments - usually just a year)
  9. (Number of) Years in Yukon
  10. Present Nationality
  11. Occupation
  12. Position
  13. Salary
The importance of this Yukon census is that it was taken just after the end of the great Klondike Gold Rush [1896 - 1899] - an event which saw upwards of 40,000 people enter the region.  By looking at the column "Years in Yukon" it can be determined if the person arrived for the Gold Rush, i.e. anyone with a residency of 5 years or less might qualify.

Another important consideration about the use of this census, and those of other provinces that were being settled during this time period, is that the men who are listed as "married" but have no spouse present can be one explanation of "married" women having no spouse living with them back in the "eastern" provinces of Ontario, Quebec, or many of the United States

The image below is identified as
"Dawson waterfront in the Gold Rush Days",
taken in 1898 by Joseph Burr Tyrrell.
credit: Library Archives Canada, Ottawa
PA-050927. Mikan Number 3278277
No restrictions on use - Public Domain

Did you know ... that the first census of Canada, as we now know it, was taken in 1951 - after the Province of Newfoundland and Labrador entered Canadian Confederation on March 31, 1949 - 65 years ago this month...


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